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Lighting FX Services

Lighting…FX Inc offers a wide range of lighting solutions to the Residential and Commercial markets.

Our services include design, consultation and supply for both interior and exterior applications.

We represent some of North Americas largest manufactures and sell on a wholesale basis, making us extremely competitive.

We operate with a “Win ~ Win” strategy. Win for our customers because they receive our attention from the beginning to the end of their project plus on top of which they receive an overall cost efficient and competitive lighting solution/package. Win to Lighting FX as a result of gaining some of our customers valuable business.

Custom homes is one of our specialties, we work hand in hand with the end user and/or the general builder providing the advice needed to achieve wonderful lighting and control throughout the home and its surrounding landscape.

On a commercial front we design & supply lighting to government buildings, parking garages and lots, hotels, hospitals, retail outlets, arenas, property management buildings, call centers, street lighting, sports lighting, university & college buildings.

Our industrial clients include factories, warehouse operations & water treatment plants.

It is our duty and responsibility to introduce to the market and clients, new environmentally friendly products and innovations related to energy savings. We achieve this via the use of LED and compact fluorescent technology. We offer energy audit consultation for existing installations and will advise the end user on how to reduce operating costs by replacing any existing lighting with an equivalent energy efficient solution.

We also offer dimming facilities; from the control of single circuit lighting to full comprehensive home and commercial automated systems.

A daily part of our business is the simple replacement of lamps/bulbs, ballasts, fluorescent tubes and fixture components. We offer free delivery within a 20-mile radius from Kingston’s city center, servicing every type of business concern and residential customers.

If installation is required, no problem, we work in conjunction with some of the Cities most reputable electrical contractors who will gladly provide a quotation to cover any work needed.
Just let us know and we will arrange the necessary.