Our Services

  • Empowering homes, businesses, municipalities, and industries

    Lighting FX offers Energy Efficient Lighting (including LED Solar) & SMART Integrated Control Solutions to the Residential, Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial sectors.

    We work with architects, project managers, building and home owners, interior designers, electrical contractors and our own suppliers to deliver a solution that is right for you.

    With over 19 years in the Lighting Industry, Lighting FX has the experience, manpower, and partnerships to provide solutions that will change the way you see and do things; at home, at your workplace and in public.



    The visual impact of a building is significantly affected by how it is illuminated. Whether you are lighting for atmosphere, functionality, or purely aesthetics, efficient LED technology has the capability to enrich experiences and complement architectural features. At the same time reducing your hydro charges considerably and eliminating future maintenance costs.


    Traditional, modern and contemporary lighting fixtures at wholesale pricing (not retail). We work hand in hand with the end user and/or the general builder to help you achieve customised lighting and seamless control throughout the home and its surrounding landscape.

    SMART Integrated Controls

    With connected “SMART” controls, Lighting FX brings intelligent lighting and control solutions to a new level where you can control multiple functions within your home or business.

    Transform your environment by synchronizing lights, blinds, temperature, security and more.


    We also offer the most up-to-date sustainable commercial solar exterior lighting solutions to illuminate public parks, cycling paths, parking lots and other remote areas. Eliminate costs associated with digging trenches and installing expensive copper wire and power distribution.

    Stay in control ... day or night ... wirelessly, via the Internet or with the push of a button ... on-grid and off-grid. Energy efficient lighting and integrated smart control solutions are now a phone call away.